2011 Padma Award Prospects

Before we take a ‘Sneek-Peek’ at “PROSPECT Nominations for 2011 PADMA Awards”,India’s highest civilian awards, lets do some home work on “What are PADMA Awards?”

Padma Awards, India’s highest civilian awards, are conferred in three categories, namely, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri.

The awards are given in all disciplines/ fields of activities, viz. art, social work, public affairs, science and engineering, trade and industry, medicine, literature and education, sports, civil service, etc.

‘Padma Vibhushan’ is awarded for exceptional and distinguished service; ‘Padma Bhushan’ for distinguished service of high order and ‘Padma Shri’ for distinguished service in any field.

I am sure you all must be now aware of the shortlisted receivers of PADMA Award 2010 by now.

Lets take a quick look at Prospect Nominations for 2011 PADMA Awards! ( I know its too early,but pls bear with me..)

Category A: Civil Service
1>Our Beloved S.P.S Rathore: How can we miss the contribution of  this “gentleman” who rendered Excellent “Civil Service” by molesting a budding tennis player,Ruchika 20 years ago,made her family and brother go through HELL and also abetted  her suicide.

He also had the tendency of keeping this a “Secret for 20 years”!! Come on… Can you keep a secret for 20 years??!!

2>Sub Inspector(oops,i forgot his name.. or was it mentioned anywhere in the news?),who single-handedly took 3 Pakistani Terrorists for Picnic to Delhi and “FORGOT” to bring them back!

Category B : ART

1>Rakhee Sawant : for maintaining her  “Drama Queen” image, her candid admissions of various “Plastic Surgeries” on her body and for her “Skin Show”!
Come on man! When Aish can get a PADMA for Over-acting and Plastic Smile last year, why cant “our” Rakhee Sawant?!!
After being conferred PADMA,she will  host a new show “Rakhee Ki Sanmaan” aired by NTDV Imagine (as we can all Imagine)!!
2>Deepika Padukone: For portraying “National Integrity” by flaunting her legs when wearing a Frock,singing in Hindi(despite being a Kannadati),her plastic smile and extremely “Out of Sync” Lip Movement for the song “Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”!(Wait a minute,this was supposed to be a Patriotic Song right?!)DP darling,what did the makers of this video tell you? A “Candle Light Dinner” with Ranbir or a shoot for “Patriotic Song”??

What do you call this goof up? A “Wardrobe Malfunction?!”

3>Himesh Reshamiyya : for introducing the new style of singing, “Nasal Singing”!!
Himeshji, “Get Well Soon”!
Shall I Fedex some “Nasal Drops”?
4>Our King Khan,SRK : Who has been using his trademark “open-spread arms” in every film,every song and every shot since 1992!
Now this “Trademark” is in “Vogue” and is aped by other actors like Ranbir Kapoor,Shahid Kapoor too!(Check out the video of “Phir Mile Sur” for more details)
Give your hands some rest man! Doesn’t it Pain??!!
5>Salman Khan– Actually he deserves 2 awards:
a>For copying “Trilogy of Wisdom” and making Veer without giving due-credit to Pavan Choudary!
You may ask why he deserves this award?
Well,when Aamir Khan can be awarded PADMA  for 3 Idiots (for copying Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone and not giving him due-credits), then why cant our “Sallu”??? Right Sallu?Now now.. dont get angry on them.. I ll tackle this so that you are conferred PADMA!

b>Sallu also needs an award for  flaunting his banian and bisceps since many years.. I m still wondering as to why no banian manufacturing company has signed Sallu for Endorsements till date!
Ok Sallu, 2 PADMAs for you! “Abb Khushi se tera Banian mat Phaadna…!!”(Dont tear your banian out of joy now!)

Category C : Public Affairs
1>Ajmal Kasab: He is an undoubted winner in this category! He definitely deserves this award for playing “Bade Dilwaala” (Great Hearted Person) and “Sheltering” hostages for more than 50 hours.

Does anyone have the “nerve” to kill more than 200 people,demand for Urdu Dossier,Chicken Biryani and Tv in prison and still not be punished yet??!! Man! You’ve got GUTS!

2>Union ministry of women and child development (WCD) for publishing the photo of former PAK Chief with our “Honourable” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi in a half-page newspaper advertisement on the National Girl Child Day!

Can we call this a goof-up? a mistake? or a small step towards “INDIA-PAK Aman”??!!

3>CBI and Congress Party: for postponing the verdict of captured terrorist,Ajmal Kasab for more than 14 months now and wasting crores of rupees on his security(wonder where was this money all these days which could have been utilised for upliftment of poor!) ,also wasting the time and testing the patience and tolerance of Citizens of India!
Wonder if my grandchildren have the privilage of seeing Kasab Alive one day!

Category D: Literature and Education
1>H.D Deve Gowda: For swearing at Yediyurappa(Karnataka’s CM) and “imparting Literature Knowledge” on the use of some “Profane Words” which went “Beep.. Beep..Beep” everytime the footage was shown by media and mentioned in newspapers!

All,I can say … “What an Education”!! Even Books could not have imparted us better than him!

Category E:Sports
1>IPL 3 Team Owners: for conveniently skipping Pakistan Players by citing reasons of “Non-Availability” and portraying “Patriotism”!!
Way to go Bollywood! Can we have one more “Patriotic Video” on this??

Category F:Medicine
1>The doctor who performed tests on bones and teeth of Ajmal Kasab and concluded that Kasab was not a minor and he should not be tried in Juvenile Court.
This amazing verdict helped the CBI to resume with the case and the case refuses to Cease even after 14 months!

I actually forgot this doc’s name.. If he was already awarded “PADMA” this year, he is still eligible for 2011 as we are dead sure this case would not be closed by then!

Category G: Engineering
1>Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL)– for dragging the project of “Namma Metro”,Bangalore’s Mass-Transit Rail system for 4 years and still leaving it unfinished.
Do these people know that Delhi already has a Metro Rail System??!!

Well,this is all I can think of now,more will be updated shortly!


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