Open Letter to MMS

Dear Manmohan Singh,
First of all I appreciate the benevolence,”kind hearted “ness,amicability which your govt have bestowed on a Pakistani Terrorist since 1 and 1/2 years! The entire citizens of India would have appreciated your govt even more if you had bestowed all these traits on the Indian citizens in your reign instead!!

I m currently in the dilemma whether I should be proud of our Judicial system or be agitated by it! I sincerely think the concept of “giving a chance to a terrorist” who caused massacre claiming the lives of around 200 people and injuring 1000’s of them during 26/11 mumbai attacks is extremely RIDICULOUS!

I know its in the rule book,but don’t you think your govt should be wise enough to distinguish between a criminal(who is a citizen of India) and a terrorist(who is a pakistani?) If you blindly keep on applying “Hard and Fast” rules cited in rule book to each and every criminal or terrorist in spite of their nationality,then your sending very clear signals to the world that “Indian Judicial system is FARCE” and we Indians are “Soft Targets”!

I understand your hands are tied and you have no power in anything,but do you seriously think Kasab should have been provided with amenities like “High Class Security”,Lawyer to defend him and pleasures and royal life in prison which he is leading currently? He is enjoying his life in prison as if its his mother’s wedding!!

Let me tell you that “crores of rupees” which your govt spent on Kasab lavishly for his security,lawyer etc belong to the citizens of India and that money is Not yours! Being a PM, doesn’t entitle you or your govt to spend taxpayers money lavishly that too on a person who is NOT an Indian!!

That astronomical sum is an agglomeration of  millions of Indian taxpayers money which is earned by toiling day and night to keep their both ends meet! That money is also  mine,my dad’s,my bro’s,my family’s,my friends’ and billions of other Indians!! Let me tell you,unlike you,we all do not sit in A/C chambers in Rasthrapati Bhavan and receive orders from above for our livelihood! We sweat our brow and earn that money! So what gave you & your govt the right to spend that money which is NOT even yours at the first place??

Being a former Finance Minister of India,are you aware of the statistics of unemployed youth? poor people? poor pheasants? malnourished children? uneducated youth? uneducated children? orphan children ? children undergoing “child labor”?, harrassed women? widowed women etc?

Have you or your govt ever done or ever felt like doing anything to all the people mentioned above to provide them “Quality Life” in spite of them being the citizens of India??!!
I know you are an altruistic person,but aren’t you aware of the saying,”Charity begins at Home”??!!

Coming to Kasab:
Tukaram Omble sacrificed his life to catch Kasab alive.. but what did your govt do after he was caught alive?
You provided him with a lawyer so that he could appeal that he is innocent!! Don’t you feel thats RIDICULOUS? The cc cameras at Taj as well as around 200 eye witnesses have seen Kasab indiscriminately shooting and your govt still need to give him a chance to prove his innocence???!!

“Why at the first place was defense lawyer needed?” Kasab killed so many innocents.. its henious crime! why should any1 defend this crime in 1st place?!

Ok,your govt provided him a lawyer,was their any necessity  to repeatedly toss dossiers to Pakistan accusing them of their involvement? Do you think any thief will admit his robbery???

Was there any necessity to conduct ossification tests on bones and teeth of Kasab to check whether he is juvenile or not? Come on,how does it matter anyway when he has killed hundreds of our fellow Indians? If he was a juvenile,he should have refrained himself from committing such a henious act!! The tests even proved that he is NOT Juvenile!

Was there any necessity to spend crores of rupees lavishly which belonged to the tax payers on Kasab to provide him with Z Class security,a bomb proof,fire proof,bullet proof tunnel etc when there are billions of Indian citizens direly in need of that money to improvise their lives in India?

Btw, are you atleast provided with the similar security which is provided to Kasab,despite being the PM of India??

What made your govt think that citizens of India will keep mum when they used tactics of delaying the case for more than 1 and 1/2 years and changed lawyers frequently? I know the memory of the world is weak,but don’t ever try monkey tricks with helpless and disappointed citizens of India!

I was atleast glad that the trial is over and now judgement will be out.. but what’s this new twist in the case?
The defense lawyer has pleaded for light punishment considering Kasab’s young age? Is the defense lawyer out of his senses or is he bribed by Pakistan or Kasab? Did it not knock senses into the defense lawyer’s head when the ossification tests proved that Kasab is NOT juvenile? Then,what young age is this defense lawyer talking about??!

When Kasab had behaved inhumanly and created a massacre by ruthlessly killing hundreds of people for sadistic gains,he is a goddamn terrorist who should be severely punished!!

If we lighten the punishment,we are just sending out signals of our farce judicial system,our incompetence,our softness to the world and in turn attracting more countries to terrorize us!

Also,do you seriously feel JUSTICE will be done to martyrs like Sandeep Unnikrishnan,Hemant Karkare,Vijay Salsakar,Tukaram Omble, 200 victims,1000 injured when your govt lightens Kasab’s punishment?!

Ok,our defense lawyer is showing mercy and is having soft corner for Kasab, doesn’t he have soft corner for his fellow brothers/sisters who were brutally killed in this massacre?

Does a terrorist hold more weightage than your fellow countrymen?!

As we have proved for now that any terrorist captured in India will undergo royal treatment which is not even bestowed to the PM or President of India!!

One more thing I fail to understand is in every terrorist attack why is that “No family or relative” from the political parties are attacked or targetted? Like cricket,is terrorism also fixed and is this also a business???

Do you believe in the deepest of your heart that whatever you have done regarding Kasab’s case is justified?
Don’t you seriously think that its high time for exodus of Congress Government??!!


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