“Talk”rey calls for sacking Ash,D.P & S.M.Krishna

After appealing to sack  Union Law Minister,Mr Veerappa Moily on the grounds of him being a “Kannadiga”, Mr Bal Thackery has taken a step forward and has appealed for the sacking of following “Kannadigas” from Mumbai viz:

1>Former Maharasthra Governor, Mr S.M.Krishna

2>Bollywood Reigning Queen,Ms Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

3>Deepika Padukone.

Mr “Talk”rey addressed the press conference held yesterday in Mumbai. He was seen in his regular saffron attire and was found fuming. He said,”After sacking Union Minister,Mr Veerappa Moily,who is a Kannadiga and who is currently handling Maharasthra-Karnataka border issues, we are sacking Mr S.M Krishna,Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone too from Mumbai”. Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone are also Kannadigas and they dont have any right to continue acting in our Mumbai soil when we are having border issues with Karnataka”. Mr S.M Krishna who was our former Governor should also return back to Karnataka as he is a Kannadiga.

He continued,” I have written to the Hindi Film Chamber appealing for immediate removal of Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone from the Hindi Film industry”. Their movies should be stopped screening. If our sena catches any Mumbaiker watching and supporting movies of Ash or Deepika, we will teach them a lesson. Also the products endorsed by Ash and Deepika like Nakshatra jewellery,pepsi,coke,vivel soap,loreal etc should be banned immediately.

We have also written a letter to Mr Amitji and Abhishekji appealing in “vinambrata” to send Ash back to Karnataka as she is a Kannadiga.” Our Sainiks will be vacating Deepika’s Mumbai house shortly and that will be utilised to provide shelter for deprived people in Mumbai. We wish Deepika all the best with her badminton racquet and Ash with her “plastic smile”. We are also planning to ban plastic in Mumbai,so we started  with Aishwarya Rai”.

“We are True Mumbaikars and we strive for the welfare of Mumbai and Mumbaikars.” If our “Mission Karnataka” is successful, we will subsequently launch “Mission North India” shortly!!”


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One response to ““Talk”rey calls for sacking Ash,D.P & S.M.Krishna

  1. Not to be taken seriously as there is a saying in Hindi (hope you understand)- ‘Buddha Sathia Gaya Hai’!

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