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Letter from Orphan/Special Children

This is a letter sent from Orphan/Special Children to all the Supporting Facebookers šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰

Dear Facebookers,

We,Orphans and Special children, profusely thank you for all the “volunteering”,”kind heart”edness,”empathy”,”philanthropy”,”support” and “interest” bestowed upon us by posting “status messages” Ā educating your fellow facebookers and in turn appealing for our “acceptance”!!Ā We are truly indebted in you for your time,facebook space,patience,propaganda and interest. Kudos to You ALL!!

The aftermath of your postings,thereby challenging your fellow facebookers to update their statuses,questioning the “existence” of their hearts is..”Many people now know the meaning of “special children” and their “special needs”. They know the bereavements of “orphan children”. They have now realised to “accept” us.

Our friends tell us that their “news feeds” are full of such status messages posted for 1 hour for our “welfare”. All these couldn’t be achieved sans your “support”.

Since messages posted on Facebook compounds drastically,we now have every facebooker frantically updating his/her news feed with messages “appealing” for our “upliftment” and “acceptance”.We feel immensely satiated,gratified and elated witnessing numerous people standing up for “us” and our “needs”.

At the same time,we have received immense “donations”,”acceptance”,”love”,”adoptions”,”encouragement” & “appreciation” from a commendable lot! We feel “euphoric” over our “victory”! But what’s disappointing is that,all the above mentioned “receptions” are only in “virtual” form. But as the saying goes,”Something is better than Nothing”.!! šŸ™‚

We again profusely thank you all for your “empathy”,”philanthropy” and “support”. We pray in the deepest of our hearts that “Someday,all these “Virtual” receptions/acceptances/philanthropy/blessings turn “REAL”!!

Thanking You!

Yours Sincerely,

Bereaved Lot!

P.S: If you wanna do something in “REAL” for orphan/specialĀ  children(instead of spamming your friend’s “news feeds” for 1 hour with your “Virtual” help/appeal messages),then do visit this website:


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Open Letter to MMS

Dear Manmohan Singh,
First of all I appreciate the benevolence,”kind hearted “ness,amicability which your govt have bestowed on a Pakistani Terrorist since 1 and 1/2 years! The entire citizens of India would have appreciated your govt even more if you had bestowed all these traits on the Indian citizens in your reign instead!!

I m currently in the dilemma whether I should be proud of our Judicial system or be agitated by it! I sincerely think the concept of “giving a chance to a terrorist” who caused massacre claiming the lives of around 200 people and injuring 1000’s of them during 26/11 mumbai attacks is extremely RIDICULOUS!

I know its in the rule book,but don’t you think your govt should be wise enough to distinguish between a criminal(who is a citizen of India) and a terrorist(who is a pakistani?) If you blindly keep on applying “Hard and Fast” rules cited in rule book to each and every criminal or terrorist in spite of their nationality,then your sending very clear signals to the world that “Indian Judicial system is FARCE” and we Indians are “Soft Targets”!

I understand your hands are tied and you have no power in anything,but do you seriously think Kasab should have been provided withĀ amenities like “High Class Security”,Lawyer to defend him and pleasures and royal life in prison which he is leading currently? He is enjoying his life in prison as if its his mother’s wedding!!

Let me tell you that “crores of rupees” which your govt spent on Kasab lavishly for his security,lawyer etc belong to the citizens of India and that money is Not yours! Being a PM, doesn’t entitle you or your govt to spend taxpayers money lavishly that too on a person who is NOT an Indian!!

That astronomical sum is an agglomeration of Ā millions of Indian taxpayers money which is earned by toiling day and night to keep their both ends meet! That money is also Ā mine,my dad’s,my bro’s,my family’s,my friends’ and billions of other Indians!! Let me tell you,unlike you,we all do not sit in A/C chambers in Rasthrapati Bhavan and receive orders from above for our livelihood! We sweat our brow and earn that money! So what gave you & your govt the right to spend that money which is NOT even yours at the first place??

Being a former Finance Minister of India,are you aware of the statistics of unemployed youth? poor people? poor pheasants? malnourished children? uneducated youth? uneducated children? orphan children ? children undergoing “child labor”?, harrassed women? widowed women etc?

Have you or your govt ever done or ever felt like doing anything to all the people mentioned above to provide them “Quality Life” in spite of them being the citizens of India??!!
I know you are an altruistic person,but aren’t you aware of the saying,”Charity begins at Home”??!!

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