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Kasab to go on Paadayatra!

Following the footsteps of Congress Govt, now Kasab is all set to go on Paadayatra to prove his innocence and guilelessness. Kasab’s spokesperson said, “Kasab is a great fan of Mahatma Gandhi. He just like Gandhi,who has neither harmed anyone nor committed any crime since childhood. He is as innocent as a child. He is impressed by Gandhiji’s silent protests like “salt satyagraha”, “padayatras” etc and wish to follow suit. His Paadayatra route has been decided. He will be going on a Paadayatra from Mumbai->Delhi->Kashmir. His final destination is Kashmir.He plans to meet his fellow brothers in Kashmir.He will discuss some plans with them over his one month stay. He will return by the same route. His former lawyers viz “Ms Anjali Waghmare, Mr Abbas Kazmi will also be accompanying him”.

Kasab poured out his tale of woe: “Actually, on Nov 26th 2008, few friends of mine and me were playing the game “Counter Strike” LIVE at CST,Nariman House and Taj. Two days before,we had purchased toy guns from Leo Toys for the same. We were possessing our toy guns,aiming and shooting at people surrounding us, playing “Counter Strike”. They too were complimenting our game by acting like “falling dead”. Then suddenly,sounds of alarms and sirens echoed in our ears. We were baffled and confused when ATS and police surrounded and arrested us. All these things happened within a bat of my eyelid and I m still introspecting what is wrong”.

Kasab continued, “I was also ill-treated by the Indian Government”.They tossed me English chargesheet after convicting me. I had to spend hours together in front of theĀ  internet which was provided to me in Arthur jail to learn English.It was a herculean task,but I finally learnt English and spoke few words during my trials”. Indian Govt also fed me Chicken Biryani from some random hotel despite my repeated pleas to order it from KFC! I m deeply hurt”.

“My farms in Pakistan are now barren,crops have withered and died due to the time delay of this case proceedings.Its been almost 2 years now since my arrest. My tear glands are now empty after having shed tears continuously for my mummy.I have cried “Mummy Mummy” like a kid in front of the officials,but they turned deaf ears. They too have Mummys .. Can’t they understand my pain? I wish to return to my family and also look after my farms. After all,I am a farmer in Pakistan”. I humbly request the Indian Govt to conclude this case ASAP so that I can reunite with my family”

Well,wishing Kasab,All the Best for his Paadayatra,this is Swathi Pradeep signing off!! šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰




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